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A Smarter Way To Invest

The Retirement Income Group in conjunction with Formula Folios has developed a streamlined and technologically advanced process to deliver sophisticated portfolio management to investors using a Secure, Smart, and Simple approach.

Our portfolios are designed and monitored using algorithmic formulas that remove emotional decision making.  This helps Clients avoid making mistakes that have a negative impact on their retirement. We use a series of models that make up allocations, which when combined with each other give the client an increased probability of success.

The result is a portfolio that allows investors to feel added confidence knowing their investments are always being monitored with the goal of providing a balance of upside potential, risk management, and tax management.


At The Retirement Income Group we believe there is a Smarter Way to Invest™.

The cornerstone of a great financial plan is a sound investment process. At The Retirement Income Group, we believe in using smart formulas to help automate good decisions, while simultaneously avoiding bad ones.

Each decision our portfolios make is based on proven, academic research. We’ve structured three specific processes to enhance each your experience:

  1. Asset Allocation
  2. Money Manager Selection
  3. Tactical, Ongoing Asset Management


Our primary objectives at The Retirement Income Group is to help reduce your risk of loss and focus on your risk-adjusted rate of return. We achieve this by:

  1. Constructing a portfolio of non-correlated assets using low-cost index funds, ETF's  individual securities and annuities
  2.  WealthGuard™, an “early warning system” for your portfolio, allowing you to invest with added confidence and always knowing the limit your portfolio might decline before moving to a more conservative investment plan to help protect investment gains from further market losses.

Since the WealthGuard™ Value is updated each time your portfolio reaches a new all-time high, you’re also creating a new (and higher) WealthGuard™ Value.


Your financial future doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s simple when you work with The Retirement Income Group to save and invest, and WealthGuard™ to monitor and help protect. With The Retirement Income Group and WealthGuard™, you’ll get:

  1. Daily Alerts of New All-Time Highs
  2. Weekly Financial Summaries
  3. Simple, Easy-to-Read Quarterly Performance Reports
  4. Reputable, Transparent Account Custodians
  5. Annual Gain/Loss Reports for Easy Tax Planning.