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Retirement in today’s world faces unprecedented challenges and operates according to a new set of rules.

There is a New Reality in our retirement.

In a world of global pandemics, interest rate manipulation by central banks, high sovereign and personal debt, volatility in financial markets and geo-political threats.

Retirement may only be possible by learning and applying updated concepts and smarter techniques.

Mr Floyd has affiliated himself with the Retirement Wealth Academy and American Retirement Institute as an instructor educating retirees and pre retirees on a myriad of retirement issues, such as:

  • Understanding and evaluating risk
  • The importance of a written financial plan
  • Threats to a happy and successful retirement
  • Paying too much tax
  • Faliure to maximixe retirement income.

He Has lectured at UCLA, Pepperdine University, USC, Loyola Marymount College, National University and local libraries.

Feel free to sign up for one of his upcoming events:

Please note these events are strictly educational and no products or services will be sold. Mr. Floyd fully acknowledges, that potentially engaging him in any financial capacity is optional and with no obligation.


Retire Ready is a 2-hour course designed to equip pre-retirees and those in retirement with the knowledge they need to be ready to retire with confidence.

  • During this retirement course, you will discover: Introduction to retirement and how the retirement savings landscape has changed
  • The potential major risk to your retirement including living longer than you planned, Social Security, healthcare expenses, inflation, and more.
  • The 4 major factors (time, wealth, interest rates, and consumption) that determine how to calculate the amount you will need in retirement A disciplined approach to maximize your retirement nest egg
  • A risk managed approach to investing in retirement.
Free Retirement Course @ Pepperdine University - West Los Angeles Graduate Campus
6100 Center Dr. #203
Los Angeles CA, 90045
Free Retirement Course @ University California at Los Angeles UCLA
619 Charles E. Young Dr East
Los angels CA

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